Birds with feelings is a cozy turn-based strategy game where you lead a team of birds, and manipulate their feelings for the greater good.

You command a team of of birds on a grand quest. The catch is that a bird’s combat success greatly depends on the emotional state of the bird and enemy. It is up to you to manipulate them to feel the strategically most powerful feelings for the given situation and peck your way to victory.

The core of the game lies in the balance between short term and long term goals. Winning a battle is one thing – but ensuring that your team members are moving in the right direction emotionally as a result of the fight in order to keep an emotionally diverse team is another altogether. It plays a bit like Sudoko, except with more long term planning.

Our intention is to create an experience which has strategic depth for the player to explore – while simultaneously engaging the player on a narrative level through player-driven drama.