This is the second part of our deep dive on update 1.4. this week we are exploring planning in the games, and how we will encourage players to do it even more!

Problem 2 – players are not planning ahead!

Rock Paper Feelings is not deep if one only focuses on winning the current battle. Unlike many other RPG’s, players can only choose the placement of their birds. There are no battle commands and no movement points. The depth comes when one is trying to manipulate their birds towards a specific emotion while still surviving the current adventure.  A player can fight the current battle and only focus on winning – but if they do they’ll have to face the consequences in the future battles, where they will be properly destroyed. This offers a new layer of strategic depth (in theory!).

Players were not planning ahead in version 1.3, and for good reason! We gave very little information on what the next battles were – players could only see what the next adventure’s main emotion were through the map, which is seperated from gameplay. Another issue was that there was no distinction between levels which allowed the players to prepare for future battles, and levels designed to test  if players had fulfilled the emotional goal.

Solution 1 – prep here, test here

To solve this, we have added this distinction and now call levels either trial or prep levels. Trial levels are longer, more emotionally homogenous, and enemies have higher levels. To enter a trial level with the wrong emotions will almost certainly grant a loss, forcing one to retreat and adjust their team’s emotions.

Solution 2 – more information!

The minimap in the battle scene will now also show the next trial level – giving players a clearer goal of what the next major challenge will be. We have also added the minimap to the emotional report as well – so that players are constantly reminded of what their goal is.

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