Hey, everybirdy! We at Bird Pals are chirping with excitement to emotionally announce our first game, Birds With Feelings!

Birds with Feelings – Announcement Trailer

Feelings matter as you lead a team of emotional bird diplomats attempting to stop a war fought with compassion. Whether your team of birds are bursting with confidence, dazzling their social skills, soaking in sweet solitude, or even drowning in anxiousness, you must guide their feelings across birdopea while taking care of their health through confrontations and meaningful conversations!

We have many courier messages to fly to you as we prepare to hatch on PC this year, but for now you can follow along as we finish up Birds with Feelings on our Site, Twitter and Discord! If you fancy to show support for the birds, we have a handy press kit at your convenience! See you around the nest! #feelthebirds


Press Release

Announcing Birds with Feelings, the strategy game where feelings matter

Malmö, Sweden — 28/2/2019:   Today the Swedish and Latvian indie studio Bird Pals announced their turn based strategy game Birds with Feelings coming for PC 2019. Set in a world populated entirely by birds, the player takes control of a squad of bird diplomats determined to stop a war entirely through conversations. On top of this everybirdy has feelings; feelings affect combat, and feelings change depending on what the player lets happen to their birds.

“Our goal of Birds with Feelings is to create a cozy strategic experience where feelings get to matter and affect gameplay in a concrete way.” co-founder & designer Sebastian Larsson says, “as players we spend so much time stabbing or murdering things in videogames. We took a look at emotions and examined what type of experience would emerge if we allowed feelings to be in focus instead of combat.”

Every game round in Birds with Feelings plays a bit like a game of Sudoku – birds are placed on a grid and then has a conversation with their opponents in an attempt to befriend them. The difference is that every bird has feelings, and their feelings change depending on if they are left alone or spends time with other birds, if they succeed or they lose, if they get to participate or are left on the sidelines. It is up to the player to not only thrive in the current confrontation but also to guide the feelings of their team to be beneficial in future encounters.

Birds with Feelings is developed by Latvian-Swedish studio Bird Pals and set to release sometime 2019. Follow Birds with Feeling’s twitter for development updates and news – https://twitter.com/feelthebirds

Webpage: www.birdswithfeelings.com

For more information about Birds with Feelings and Bird Pals, visit our press kit
Presskit: https://birdswithfeelings.com/presskit/

Sebastian Larsson,
Co-founder, Designer, Lead art – Bird Pals
Announcement Trailer

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